Surgery without a cut helps those inflicted by GER...


Many patients have been experiencing this GERD symptom all through their lives and they end up taking the prescribed medication their entire life in order to lead a healthy and acid-free life. Only medicines may not offer complete relief from these chronic GERD symptoms and if the disease is not cured in time then it may lead to severe conditions or sometimes people do suffer from pancreas or esophageal cancer as well.

Occasionally the patients have to undergo a surgery to get rid of these GERD symptoms. But latest research and development is offering various alternative methods to deal with these GERD problems in more efficient manner. Patients who are not responding well to this daily medication are suggested to go for another treatment option which is non-surgical.

People who are not getting appropriate response to proton pump inhibitors may go for another effective procedure which is known as TIF or Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication. This particular procedure utilizes a specific device known as EsophyX and does not involve any cut in the body of the patients.

Patients who do not retort well to PPI treatment can opt for TIF as it is one of the best solutions for chronic heart burn troubles. It can also save the patients from lifelong pills and the costs of a long term treatment. This is a simple surgical procedure that can be easily completed with the help of the highly trained medical professionals.  Surgeons and gastroenterologist work together as a team to successfully complete this surgical procedure. Most of the patients suffer chronic heart burn sensation along with many other symptoms. All this symptoms are difficult to manage and sometimes surgery becomes a necessity to lead a normal and healthy life.

In such situations this kind of non-surgical procedures come out as a boon. A prolonged medication for treating this GERD may also lead to some side effects and other complications thus it is advisable to go for these alternate solutions that may provide the cure and relief to the patients. One can discuss the case history of GERD with their doctors to understand the best and most appropriate treatment option for them.

TIF is a complete non-surgical procedure that does not need any invasion or surgery unlike laparoscopy that may need 3-4 small holes or incisions for inserting the laparoscopic device within the body. This TIF turns out to be the best and safest therapy for getting the complete relief from this troublesome condition of GERD or acid reflux. This TIF procedure is performed orally and it helps in creating a barrier between the stomach and esophagus by correcting the valve that can work as an anti-reflux barrier.

This procedure helps in re-availing the natural anatomy and functioning of the body by removing all the abnormalities that lead to the complications of the GERD. Reflux can be guarded with the help of this procedure as it helps in controlling the reverse movement of the stomach acids towards the esophagus. This is a complete incision less procedure that does not need any cut in the body. Thus it is less painful and the patient can quickly recover from this procedure. There is no visible scar left after this procedure which again makes this a patient friendly procedure as many patients do not prefer having a surgical scar on their body.

Patients can experience an improved and relaxed life as this procedure helps them overcoming their medicine dependencies. Most of the patients have experienced great relief and all their medication is completely stopped after undergoing this procedure. Just after 1-2 years they can stop all the medicine and lead a normal life.

Patients can also consume the foods which they were not allowed to eat as a GERD patient. This offers lot of comfort to patients as they can eat their favourite food without bothering much. However, patients are advised to take some precautionary measures so that the re-occurrence of the disease can be stopped.